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Dental Emergency Procedures, Options & Details

Epic Smiles dentists have the experience and credentials you should look for when seeking an emergency dentist.

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Emergency Evaluation / Treatment

At Epic Smiles, we understand that in emergencies, there is no time to waste. Please contact our office if you are having any of the following dental urgencies:

severe dental pain: pulpal inflammation, pericoronitis, or third-molar pain.
dental trauma: avulsion, luxation, fractures resulting in pain or damage to soft tissue.
post-operative osteítis or dry socket pain.
dental or gingival abscesses that are causing pain and swelling
lost or inconvenient final or temporary restorations.
denture adjustments in radiation or oncology patients.
snipping or adjustments of orthodontic wires or appliances. Soft tissue trauma associated with braces.

Video 00:21 | “Dental emergencies can occur at anytime and after normal business hours. It is important to know what your options are in case of a dental emergency. Epic Smiles offers extended office hours and time open in their daily schedules to accommodate emergencies.”

Common Dental Emergencies


At Epic Smiles, we know that toothaches are almost unbearable. This pain can be a result of several dental problems like trauma, infections, teeth decay, and bruxism. Our team will determine what is causing the pain and provide alternatives to relieve it immediately.

If you are having a toothache, visit the office as soon as possible. In the meantime, rinse your mouth with water, and try to eliminate all food particles that might be present in the area. Apply a cold compress if there’s any visible swelling in or around the mouth, and take pain relief if necessary.

Broken tooth

The course of treatment will depend on how severe and extensive the fracture is:
small chip or fractures: only the enamel (external tissue) is affected, so the tooth can quickly be restored with a composite filling.
fractures that involve dentin: these fractures affect the inner layer of dental tissue. Usually, too much dental structure is lost to be treated with a dental filling. That’s why the treatment choice for these fractures tends to be a porcelain dental crown.
fracture that affects the pulp: when the pulp is involved, there’s no other choice but to treat the tooth with root canal therapy. In these cases, patients will see some blood in the area of the fracture.
complicated fractures: in some rare cases, the fracture extends in such a way that there’s no means of saving the tooth. The dentist will have no choice but to make an extraction.

If you have a broken tooth, please get in contact with our office. Our dentist will examine the fracture and its x-ray and determine which treatment is best for you.

Loose or Lost Teeth

Common in children and sportspeople. Whether it’s a misplaced tooth or a completely knocked-out tooth, please make an emergency appointment to see our team as soon as possible. The sooner loose or lost teeth are repositioned, the more likely it is to fix themselves back into the gums.

In the case of total avulsion, the lost teeth should also be brought to the office. Please rinse it with milk, saline, or a strong balance medium, holding it by the crown, and store it in any of the liquids before mentioned (water should be avoided by all means!).

Abscessed Teeth

Dental abscesses are a collection of pus (necrotic material) caused by a bacterial infection. They are acute processes, and regularly present all signs of inflammation: redness, pain, swelling, and heat (and loss of function in severe cases).

There are two types of dental abscesses: periapical abscesses (infected pulp) and gingival abscesses (infected gums). In both cases, the treatment consists of draining the pus and eliminating the source of infection. Depending on the abscess’s location, this will be achieved with a root canal treatment or extraction, or with a small incision that allows the drainage and a deep cleaning of the area. Antibiotics might also be prescribed.

Lost Crowns and Fillings

There are many reasons why some crowns and fillings fall off. Sometimes, it is merely due to normal debonding that happens over a period of time, and the treatment is only a recementation. In other cases, there’s a decay in the tooth that is housing the restoration, and the solution requires a more complicated procedure. 

If you are having any trouble with your crowns or fillings, please visit our office. Our team at Epic Smiles will evaluate the restorations and determine what’s best for each case.

Dental emergencies are distressing, and most patients are not ready for them to happen. But they should always remember that our team at Epic Smiles will always be prepared to help them. We will take care of their smile no matter how complex the emergency might be.

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