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Epic Smiles offers extractions at both locations including wisdom tooth removal and standard tooth extractions.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Nearly all patients fear the development (and the extraction!) of wisdom teeth. In Richmond and Conroe, our team at Epic Smiles offers a trauma-free tooth removal experience throughout Greater Houston. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable from the very first visit.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are the most posterior teeth of the dental arch. They are also the last ones to come in, emerging sometime between the ages of 17 and 25.

For some people, these teeth develop without any problem, causing no pain or complication. But for most patients, the development of third molars is a rather unpleasant experience. Usually, these teeth don’t have enough space for emerging, so they force their eruption by pushing adjacent molars out of their way. This can lead to severe problems in the dental arch, like teeth crowding and misalignment. And in some cases, when the teeth aren’t able to emerge at all, the gum tissue that covers them gets infected, causing an unbearable pain.

The Complications of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are an insidious threat: patients are rarely aware of the problems these teeth are causing in their smiles. If the third molar grows in an abnormal position, it can have severe consequences in the teeth’ alignment, and, in complex cases, these shifted teeth can lead to a disruption in patients’ bite. So that’s why our dentists at Epic Smiles advise their patients to consult about their wisdom teeth before they start affecting their smile.

On the other side, third molars that never emerge are prone to infection. In most cases, a small portion of the teeth can reach the oral cavity, creating spaces that accumulate bacteria and debris.

To prevent further complications, our dentists in Richmond and Conroe strongly advise patients to visit the office if they begin experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums
Jaw pain or swelling around the jaw
Difficulty opening the jaw

Video 05:13 |”An impacted wisdom tooth can damage neighboring teeth or become infected. It can also invite bacteria that lead to gum disease.”

How are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

In all cases, our dentist starts the surgery by explaining the clinical steps and giving sedation to the patients. Then, the procedure will vary according to the position of the molar.

If the wisdom tooth has already emerged, the extraction is quick and straightforward. However, if the third molar hasn’t come through the gums, the dentist will need to make a small cut (incision) in the tissue to gain access to the tooth. And in some cases, the tooth is still trapped in the jaw bone, so the dentist will have no choice but to remove the bone tissue that is covering it. Once the dentist reaches the trapped teeth, he will cut it into pieces to make the extraction easier, and finalize the procedure by suturing the wound.

Depending on how complicated the surgery was, patients will have different experiences after the extraction. If the procedure was simple, they won’t have any complications and will be able to return to work the following day. But if the wisdom tooth was covered by gum tissue or trapped in the bone jaw, they will experience some swelling and soreness that can last a day or two. In these cases, our dentist will advise patients to stay in bed or take some medications until they are fully recovered.

Tooth Extractions

In some cases, our dentists have no choice but to extract teeth. If a tooth is extensively damaged due to trauma or cavities, and cannot be treated with more conservative procedures like root canals, the extraction is the best (and only) course of treatment. In addition to that, in some other cases, a tooth develops in the wrong place (common in third molars and canines), and if dentists have no way of bringing it back to the dental arch, they will end up removing the tooth to prevent future problems.

At Epic Smiles, our goal is to save as many teeth as we can. We understand how important it is for our patients to preserve natural teeth. Except for wisdom teeth, which aren’t really necessary, all missing teeth need to be replaced to recover esthetics and avoid future complications with the nearby teeth.

Our team strongly advises patients to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. There are several treatment options for teeth loss, having simpler alternatives such as partial dentures or fixed bridges, to more complex treatment procedures like implant placement. If extractions are indicated, our dentist will assess the patients, and together they will find out which alternative suits them better.

Video 01:00 | If your tooth is badly decayed and can’t be saved, your dentist may recommend a common surgical procedure called a tooth extraction.

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